Evaluation Form – Level III

Opus Tending: Following Spirit Through The Labyrinth 

A time of intense discernment, differentiating adaptation from “the call”, being in this world versus being of this world, engaging intimately with the Eternal, the All, the Nameless, the Creative Flux, to consciously gaze and follow Mother wherever She leads through the endless portals she offers.

The cornerstone is our sincerity to the All.

The hunger of our soul for wholeness feeds the well, from which our

Will to sweat the opposites is held.

Gratitude Spills Over For Each Of You!

We walked steadfast together as a container, Turning Her and Turning Her, with Me Too, Women’s Marches held Worldwide, Pussy hats and handmaiden marches, Trump and his impeachment, Black Lives Matter, George Floyd, Biden & Kamala, RBG, Record number of women in 117 congress, Capital Attack, Global Pandemic, Rioting, Ukraine, Colleyville Synagogue Hostage Crisis, Ukraine, Wade v Roe, Women Soccer Team winning equal pay, Uvalde …

August 2021 – May 2022

6 Bridges in Venice -Wisdom, hope, love, help, faith & friendship By sculptor Lorenzo Quinn
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