Kairos Intensive Self Study Retreat

Level II

A literal reading of Wisdom reduces Her to one place and one time. Reading Torah as metaphor and myth frees Her to speak to you in your place and time. How do you ignore Torah? By focusing only on what She says and not what She means.”

Rabbi Shapiro, Ethics of the Sages: Pirket Avot annotated & Explained

The format is a weekly online group study. Analysis and personal narrative are reverently set aside as we enter the language of the Soul, the portal to secret wisdom lying inside silence, symbols, story telling, art, music, nature, and wisdom teachings (ancient and contemporary). In this 10 month study, you will soak in the wisdom of the sages across traditions along with the teachers of your choice, a myth of your choice, and the images that arrive in your dreams. The ancient methods of listening to symbols objectively and metaphorically, finding their unique and infinite still point, are practiced. New insight opens the door to each participants unique path unfolding. New insight opens the door to one’s questions, serving as both medicine and compass.

We slowly and privately discover the gentle and subtle movements of Soul, of archetypal Mother, Father, and Child within and their Oneness; we slowly and privately discover the truth that we are each part of the fractal unfolding of Wisdom, Redemption, Life. When this is known in the heart, beyond reverie (wish) and ideas, potential is activated beyond personal imagination.

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