Creating Reflective Spaces for Conscious Femininity to Awaken


Dr. Rachel Magnell founded Kairos Center for Change in 2013.  She is a Spiritual Director, Kairos coach, and teacher for women seeking witness as they respond to the inner call, an inner longing,  inviting them more deeply into experiencing their spiritual lives, their higher Self.   

Struggles with navigating change, transition, roles, loss, and/or health issues tend to precipitate seeking something unknown, unnameable.   Months to years can be spent pursuing mastery of the struggles without realizing what affliction is demanding.  

Affliction, often described as “feeling stuck” or “broken,” is a signature invitation for women to open themselves to a deeper dimension, to learn a method for accessing and knowing their symbolic lives and spiritual needs.  The invitation may take the form of boredom, loss of energy, loss of imagination or vision, indecisiveness, hopelessness, helplessness, anxiety, powerlessness, or disillusionment.  It demands awakening to a spiritual or contemplative practice for restorative purposes and, possibly, a reorientation toward life.  When we ignore or try to override affliction, we adapt through unconscious and conscious management strategies, experiencing ourselves tethered to them in such a way that we realize our lives are not our own.  In contrast, when we receive the invitation that lies inside the dictates of affliction or adversity, the essence of life returns and gradually weaves into the present, future, and past. Students move out of management mode and into the gifts of Ultimate Mystery.  

Kairos moments elude us when our lives have become so busy with noise, so rigid in habit, so confused in contradictions, or so comfortably numb in perpetual chaos or state of overwhelm. Kairos-centered coaching is an educational service designed to teach a structure and method for realizing these moments and strengthening Self-awareness and Self-leadership.  The work builds the spiritual scaffolding to participate with uncertainty and ones’ unfolding.  Students learn a framework for deep listening and build an individualized contemplative practice tailored to what emerges. The knowledge and practices are acquired through reading assignments and ongoing discussion, application, revisiting, refining, and revising.  The acquisition of knowledge works in tandem with the contemplative practice necessary for building reflective space for learning.  From there, the skills for discernment of what is unfolding meaningfully or regressing endlessly can be developed.

Rachel Magnell, Ph.D. is studied in Counseling Psychology, Neuroscience, Neurofeedback, Archetypal Patterns, Science of Language (NLP), Yoga Science/Meditation, Buddhist and Christian contemplative practices, ongoing Torah teachings under Joshua Sussman, and Jungian-Christian dialogue under Marist Brother Don Bisson, FMS.    Dr. Magnell received her training as a Spiritual Director at Linwood Spiritual Center.  She  is a proponent of a mystic interspiritual  heart of understanding that points to the universal shared spiritual heritage beneath the structures of religion. 

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“And through the recitation of the psalms arouse the Rose of Sharon to sing with a voice that is pleasant, with ecstasy and joy.” Prayer Before Reciting Sefer Tehillim

His sparkle returned….

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