Dream Translation

Do you have a dreamscape you would like to open?

Dreams contain wisdom beyond our conscious imagination. They point to new pathways to freedom. They affirm what is real, what is true, and help us surrender what is not. Dreams ignite potentials that elude us in our busy ordinary lives. They are intimately tied to our unique gifts, our unique calling, our unique purpose. They do not judge, nor do they demand or choose for you. The choice is always yours. They offer knowledge to balance, compensate and point according to your readiness and capacity. Their primary function is to lead us toward wholeness, perpetually holding our highest good in front of us.

Most people today do not know how to engage their dream contents as our ancestors once did. Dream translation is a method of engaging that interaction, clearing the path to the eternal flame that lies within. The Kairos Coach is the experienced guide on that path. She tends the symbols and asks questions, orienting the dreamer to what is resonant in her and calling for active contemplation. This method is very different from dream interpretation and dream analysis which relies on the analyst or expert for answers. In dream translation we seek the invisible bridge between the dreamer and the Beloved, the Friend, the guide and seer within.

Dream translation happens in two to three sessions. In the first meeting, you will meet with Dr. Rachel about your dream, answering questions pertinent to translation. She will then contemplate and research the symbols and later return to you, in a timely fashion, a meditation designed for you to engage. A second follow-up session is conducted for further processing of observations and questions.

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