Contemplative Labyrinth Walk for Peace

Friday, September 23rd at 10 am with tentative Rain Date on Saturday, September 24th at 1 pm.

Hosted by Rachel Magnell, Ph.D., Spiritual Director & Tom Ryberg, Hospice Chaplain and Musician

Orientation to the Labyrinth Walk

This ancient interspiritual contemplative practice is a guided pilgrimage, taken alone or in community. No membership or experience required! The walk on September 24th will be a community walk in recognition of Peace Week, a preparation for receiving and giving peace to the world one humble step at a time.

The aim of this spiritual pilgrimage on the single path toward the center of the labyrinth is to focus the the mind on a single point as we look and move forward: a spiritual question, a spiritual desire, words of wisdom, a prayer, a sacred image, or simply a sound of the harp. As you walk slowly through, the body gently and gradually aligns with breath on the protected path toward the still point within, engaging deep listening to the heart and receptivity to messages from beyond of Peace, Justice, Love, Understanding, Forgiveness, Wisdom.

When one reaches the stillness of the center of this sacred circle, symbolizing the sacred chamber of the heart where lies the messages from beyond, there is time to pause, exhale, and express gratitude in silent prayer, listening with a spacious heart, compassionately allowing for quiet integration of any seeds of insight that occurred during the meditation, whether visible or invisible, known or unknown, felt or not felt.

On departure from the center, one continues to listen and experience any and all spiritual movements as one is privately prepared by Other to leave the contemplative spaciousness supported on the labyrinth and return to the demands of ordinary time and space a little lighter, with new eyes and new ears, thinking just a bit more with the heart to refresh hope and renew understanding of ever-present peace.

Dear Labyrinth Participant,

We are deeply grateful for this opportunity to hold space and facilitate a contemplative labyrinth walk for Peace Week 2022.

We aim to begin the walk together, promptly at 10 a.m. Please arrive no later than 9:45 a.m, giving you time to get your bearings and drop into the silence and birdsongs of the woods. You may arrive as early as 9:30 a.m. and spend some time sitting by the water where teas, coffee, and hot chocolate will be offered to all pilgrims taking this journey. Rev. Kathy Johnson will also offer her mint tea.

For those who are able, there is a brief downhill walk to the labyrinth from the parking area in front. Parking accommodations across from the labyrinth are available to those in need and golf cart escort can be provided upon request.

The weather forecast for Friday shows the temp will be 49 degrees at 10 am. Five minutes to 10:00 you will hear the conch blow, giving you time to gather and be seated around the fire for a brief reflection, tuning into and orienting toward the One Breath that flows through and within us all, One Breath flowing through the trees, waters, all beings, all life.

The duration of the walk is completely dependent on the individual participant. While we begin together, we all end according to our own time. Some choose to walk at their normal walking pace while others may choose to engage a slow walk meditation practice. This is a matter of choice. Courteous passing by of other pilgrims is completely acceptable. Courteous short-cutting the labyrinth walk is also acceptable. No one should feel trapped. Engaging this walk has the potential to engage the unexpected, the Mystery unfolding in us…now and in each subsequent moment.

I recommend wearing layers of comfortable clothing. After the walk, you are welcome to sit by the water or fire until noon, taking in what you received. There is an outhouse a short walk from the labyrinth by the water.

If you would, please take a moment to answer a few questions to help me ensure a positive and safe experience for all embarking on this sacred pilgrimage.


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