Online Coaching and Spiritual Direction

Creating reflective space to invite and know conscious femininity in our lives.

The ground of realization prepares itself slowly.  You are so close to what you are involved in that you literally cannot see it.  Irony continues so long as you do not see. Then, when you suddenly do, you see through the whole sequence at once. You realize how the consequences have been building the whole time, unknown to you. Such recognition breaks your blindness; it also shows you clearly your own part in the story and your responsibility for what happened. It reveals that you have been obscurely complicit in your own downfall. Irony is the shy sister of such recognition.

                                                                                                                          John O’Donahue.

A complimentary 15-20 Minute Phone Consultation is offered so that new clients may explore whether Kairos Coaching is right for them.

Online coaching has enabled my clients to explore themselves within their own personal space from which their spiritual practice develops.   As the work deepens, clients find their environments changing organically, reflecting their increased flow.

Kairos-centered coaching is an educational service, experiential and didactic, designed for realizing Kairos (transformational) moments and strengthening Self-awareness and Self-leadership.  The vehicles for change are found in the study of wisdom, compassionate study of self, relationship with teacher, ability to tolerate discomfort and ambiguity, and contemplative practice to melt or release from self-recrimination or self-aggrandizement as well as release from relevant dependencies on external possession(s) or persons, including the teacher. 

The work builds the spiritual scaffolding necessary to discover, relate to, and follow one’s own unique Self and mission into life’s adventure.  With intentionality, knowledge, and practice we are able to connect to the teacher within, to new and rooted creative energies that invigorate and produce transformative change.

The Kairos framework is the still point from which the teacher learns about the student and the student learns about her/himself/themself. Everyone’s unique starting point and style is deeply considered from that point.

Coaching is different from spiritual direction and often works in tandem with spiritual direction.  Coaching has specific goals aimed at achieving or advancing a skill or building a practice necessary for one’s Self discovery. 

Spiritual direction is concerned with advancing one’s spacious mind and one’s listening skills for hearing and responding to one’s soul, one’s spirit, one’s higher power beyond religious identification.  In action, spiritual direction alone is a contemplative practice; it is an advanced practice with significant silence, pointed questions, and once monthly sessions.

Coaching and spiritual direction are both different from that of therapy. Kairos Coaching and spiritual direction offers a witness/teacher/mentor to student relationship without the same healing, curing, and treating expectations typical of a client-therapist relationship targeting mental health illness or adjustment pathology.  Coaching involves learning and applying a health/spiritual model fitting the client’s individual unique goals while therapy draws from a model of psychopathology based on clinical diagnoses to treat mental health conditions and illnesses appropriately addressed by licensed practitioners.

Every coaching client is unique.  Therefore, packages are individualized.  Weekly and monthly packages are available.  The pre-pay month package includes two sessions a week (50 minute, 30 minute) with access email as needed in between sessions from 9-5, Monday through Friday. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be included in the hourly total for the month.


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