Kairos Centered Coaching

Kairos-centered coaching is a witnessing and educational service, experiential and didactic, designed for realizing Kairos (transformational) moments and strengthening Self-awareness and Self-leadership.

The Kairos framework guides us toward the still point from which the teacher learns about the student and the student learns about her/himself/themselves. Everyone’s unique starting point and style is deeply witnessed and considered from that point.

Kairos centered coaching is  designed to teach a compassionate and effective structure and method for realizing nuggets of Self-Knowledge held in Kairos moments. The work builds the spiritual scaffolding to participate with uncertainty and ones’ unfolding with hope. 

Students practice deep listening and build an individualized contemplative practice tailored to what emerges (ie., for some it involves writing, for others dream journaling, for others dance, for others baking bread, etc.). From there, the skills for discernment of “what” is unfolding meaningfully or regressing endlessly can be developed.

The vehicles for change are found in the contemplative spacious study of wisdom, nature, self. Contemplative practices melt or release us from self-recrimination or self-aggrandizement as well as release from relevant dependencies on external possession(s) or persons, including the teacher. 

Coaching is different from spiritual direction and often works in tandem with spiritual direction.  Coaching has specific goals aimed at achieving or advancing a skill or building a practice necessary for one’s Self discovery. 

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