Kairos Model

We all have different starting points…What is yours?

“There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it”  – Rumi

The Kairos contemplative model engages an inner dialogue for deep self-discovery, awakening a river of consciousness necessary to experience wholeness, flow, and meaning.  With intentionality, knowledge, and practice we are able to connect to the living waters of our lives and experience transformative change that both invigorates and generates new creative energy, new vision.  

The Kairos framework offers a practical structure for reverently holding the circle in contemplative inquiry. When women gather in sacred circle they constellate a particular concentration of humility, generosity, and reverence facilitating access to new open spaces.

In this series of workshops, Rachel Magnell, Ph.D. guides women in the Kairos Model and offers teachings for building the spiritual scaffolding necessary to engage uncertainty, mystery….life itself.  She does not aspire to be a guru, a Master to anyone, a religious leader, or a healer.  Rather, her calling is to guide and support women as they seek their true Master within and beyond, their calling, and tend the participants continuous relationship with the scaffolding.  The scaffolding is often the life boat and compass but it is not to be mistaken for the goal or an object of worship. Dr. Rachel offers teachings and conditions that support awakening divine courage to be sincere, allow one to have insight that they do not have insight, and to brave the tasks necessary for awakening to hidden obstacles and hidden masters that close the way.  It is the continuous awareness and yearning for Truth and Love that lies in the heart of sorrow, that closes the influence of hidden unwanted masters (shadow), and opens the unique path of each participant to spiritual freedom.

Level II, offered after completing a contemplative retreat, involves self-discovery and integration supported by spacious witnessing,  symbol enrichment, group study (psychology and wisdom texts, poetry, art, music) with monthly online meditative spaces,  shadowing opportunities, and direct offering experiences. 

“The ground of realization prepares itself slowly.”   John O’Donahue

Artwork by Justin Peters

Each level supports the arrival into the work of subsequent levels, allowing space in-between for preparation, integration, and conscious choosing.  Imagine each successive movement leading you through the labyrinth of your soul, into the mystery that is you.

Level III involves tending the roots of your unique tree of insight and creative potentials. The fruit is prepared as offerings to others.

The model is not a religious one. It does complement and is reverent to Eastern and Western spiritual practices and therapies. For more detailed descriptions and registration information, please submit your information below. 


Enrollment is intentionally kept small with a maximum of six participants to optimize everyone’s learning experience. Dates are determined upon reaching minimum enrollment of eight participants.

Please submit the following information if you feel called to taking any Kairos Retreat, virtual or in the woods.

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