Beyond Opinion

“Beloved, tell me, how do I enter more deeply into the reality of the universe?

Response 123:

All this talk of purity and


These are just opinions. Beyond


Are the miraculous energies of


Rays of light from a trillion suns

Illumine the altar of your sky.

Rolling blue-green oceans

Sanctify the air you breathe.

In this moment, you are inhal-

ing their blessing,

Who are you to call any of this

pure or impure?

Find the center around which

everything revolves –

Stand here and be flooded with


#123 from the Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche

Author: DrRachel

Rachel Magnell, Ph.D. is studied in Counseling Psychology, Neuroscience, Jungian Depth Psychology, Hypnosis, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation.

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