Contemplative Practice

Daily and weekly opportunities to engage in contemplative practice for 30 minutes with others are offered. Daily at 6 am and weekly on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm. For more details, go to

  1. You are invited to commit to a time offered (daily at 6 am, weekly on Wednesdays at 8 pm, monthly on Saturday mornings at 10 am), despite everything pressing on your schedule, to turn your mind and heart to your Creator.
  2. Brief passages of sacred writing, from Scripture or sages or other sources of spiritual literature are chosen.
  3. We read the selection slowly, out loud, reading two to three times.
  4. Each participant lets the passage sink in and notices the word, simple phrase, image or question that lingers with him/her/them in some way.
  5. We give you space in time to allow the passage to take root, to find a place within you that is deeper than words.
  6. We dwell in that depth for a time and ask God to let the words continue to inform and nourish you in the active parts of your life.
“And through the recitation of the psalms arouse the Rose of Sharon to sing with a voice that is pleasant, with ecstasy and joy.” Prayer Before Reciting Sefer Tehillim