Online Kairos Contemplative Spiritual Retreat

An Intensive Self Study

“Salvation is a long road that leads through many gates. These gates are symbols. Each new gate is at first invisible; indeed it seems at first that it must be created, for it exists only if one has dug up the spring’s root, the symbol.”

C.G. Jung

A literal reading of Wisdom reduces Her to one place and one time. Reading Torah as metaphor and myth frees Her to speak to you in your place and time. How do you ignore Torah (Wisdom)? By focusing only on what She says and not what She means.”

Rabbi Shapiro, Ethics of the Sages: Pirket Avot annotated & Explained

The Kairos Intensive Self Study is a contemplative virtual spiritual retreat, engaging wisdom texts and symbols of myth and dreams to reveal the deeper and higher dimension of Self, the inner gates of wisdom. We enter the language of the Soul, the portal to secret ever-present wisdom lying inside silence, stillness, symbols, story telling, art, music, nature, and wisdom teachings (ancient and contemporary).

The contemplative methods of listening to symbols objectively and metaphorically are systematically taught and practiced. They are designed to engage the mind, body and soul to awaken the meaning and relevance of symbols in our own place and time, the meaning and relevance of our lives.

As new insight awakens questions will arrive, serving as both medicine and compass. Slowly and privately we discover the gentle and subtle movements of Soul moving us toward the truth that we are each part of the fractal unfolding of Wisdom, Redemption, Life. When this is known in the heart, beyond reverie (wish) and frozen or isolated ideas, potential is activated beyond personal imagination.

A personalized retreat can be designed for you whenever you are ready. If you believe the time is now, email sharing a little bit about yourself along with best times and days to meet for a brief consult.