Legacy Work

“Teachers should raise students up on their shoulders that their vision may surpass that of their teachers. Do not transmit wisdom to replicate what you know, but to transcend it.” Shapiro, Pirke Avot

Interested clients are assisted in offering their teaching story through a medium of choice — a play, a book, an essay, a song.  Writing our stories is a forum of advanced refinement where we continue to wrestle with and flush out the old unconscious myths and claim the wisdom of our journey, reclaiming our present and empowering our will to move forward with freedom and imagination.  We are not designed to do so alone. The story reveals itself through patient, reverent, active listening with opportunity to testify aloud in the manner most fitting to the individual.

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Give-Away Song

Gwen Westerman

This is my give-away—
            not because I don’t want
                  it anymore,
            not because it’s out of
                  style or
                broken or
                useless since it lost
                its lid or one of its buttons,
            not because I don’t understand
                the “value” of things.
This is my give-away—
            because I have enough
                  to share with you
            because I have been given
                  so much
                    health love happiness
                    pain sorrow fear
            to share from the heart
            in a world where words can be
            meaningless when they come
            only from the head.
This is my give-way—
            to touch what is good in you
            with words your heart can hear
            like ripples from a pebble
            dropped in water
            moving outward growing
            wider touching others.
            You are strong.
            You are kind.
            You are beautiful.
This is my give-away.
     Wopida ye.   
          Wopida ye.
                Wopida ye.