Kairos Retreat in the Woods

Level I

Now Accepting Registration Applications. 

“The journey starts here. Don’t go sightseeing. The real journey is right here. The great excursion starts from where you are. You are the world. You have everything you need. You are the secret. You are the wide opened. Don’t look for the remedy for your troubles outside yourself. You are the medicine. You are the cure for your own sorrow.


Engaging the Questions in Sacred Circle

Level I may serve as a spiritual retreat or a step toward advanced levels of self-study (II-IV).

This retreat provides spaces of solitude as well as communal practice.  Dream work, creative self-expression, meditation, and movement are practiced with sister silence and mother nature.

“The way is full of genuine sacrifice.
The thickets blocking the path are anything that keeps you from that, any fear that you may be broken to bits like a glass bottle. This road demands courage and stamina, yet its full of footprints! Who are these companions? They are rungs in your ladder. Use them! With company you quicken your ascent.
When ink joins with a pen, then the blank paper can say something. Rushes and reeds must be woven to be useful as a mat. If they aren’t interlaced, the wind would blow them way.
Like that, God paired up creatures, and gave them friendship.”

Rumi, On Being Woven

The safety of the temenos (sacred space) that we co-create allows for self-observation, learning, curiosity and presence necessary for connecting to our inner stillness, our living questions, our symbolic lives and bodies. Framework and method are continuously linked inside opportunities for private creative expression (art, writing, masking, dream work), ancient storytelling,  poetry, and opening heart meditations.  Every group is unique unto itself, engaging us in mystery from the start, slowly moving toward integration into wholeness.

The form of this retreat is intentionally designed to point each participant toward finding the questions for oneself and in oneself that move one closer and closer to the Still Point within, the center of the labyrinth of Life. 

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