Private Horse Retreats

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Valerie Buck Partnering with Furious Warrior

“Waves rear like horses as the storm surges forward, but the eye in the center looks calmly toward the shore.”   Linda Kohanov, Way of the Horse

Kairos Center for Change and ACTT Naturally are partnering to offer private experiential workshops, coaching participants to engage with retired thoroughbred racehorses and discover the Way of horses to our instincts of care and balance, to self knowledge and compassion. Workshops may be one to three days. Participants are carefully guided to glimpse through the eye in “the center that looks calmly toward the shore” amidst the waves of change. Workshops are tailored to the needs of each group or family to slowly help each individual gently align to the spirit of the horse and reawaken voice, self-leadership, and team building resources deep within every person, buried below the scars and triggers of our lived and unlived lives, beyond any and all cultural conditioning, beyond the tides of uncertainty and loss that we are all wrestling with at this time. These horses help us remember how to move forward, consciously and generously, while courageously engaging positive change with brazen tenderness.  Book your dates today.  Individuals are encouraged to inquire about attending open workshops.   

Retreat agendas are individualized according to their identified aim and preferences for location. 

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