What is Kairos Anyway?

Kairos is a space within time.

It lies between the tics of the clock.

It is circular, not linear.

It is an experience, not an outcome.

It cannot be measured.

It cannot be controlled.

It can only be entered.

Kairos is the space of the Transpersonal, intangible….

the space where the soul gives birth…

to awareness,

to Truth,

to Life.

This space is Holy.

It is not ours.

This space is Holy,

without desire.

Beyond desire.

This Holy Space without desire

is the breath of God.

Inside the breath of God we can be still from

all reaching, stretching, longing, trying, pushing, predicting, analyzing, wishing, craving, pulling, wanting, clinging, thinking, reacting.




Inside Imagination.

Inside Potential.

Inside Love.

Inside Life.

-Rachel Magnell

Author: DrRachel

Rachel Magnell, Ph.D. is studied in Counseling Psychology, Neuroscience, Jungian Depth Psychology, Hypnosis, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation.

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