How Did I Get Here…Again?

When we witness a story that is brilliant and seamless in its’ writing, we are transported into the worlds of the characters, experiencing our hearts touched in such a way that we are left exclaiming “What happened?!” as if we were touched by the transcendent…..left trembling with a resonance in our bodies….or expanded in such a way that we feel transported to something new, something unexpected or beyond our imagination….as if by magic. Such a story embodies the gestalt of a symbol, a wholeness full of meaning that our soul craves and relentlessly pushes us to know and be transformed as a result.

Within each of us is a writer, a narrator for the story we are living, that may also leave us stunned and asking, “What happened?” or “How did I get here…. again?” or a myriad of questions in this vein that do not feel transcendent, but rather, feel boring, futile, tiring, and meaningless. It is precisely these moments that used to have my full attention…. the moments of conscious awareness that force us to take pause, reflect, take stock, ask new questions, and seek new pathways. I realized, however, that these moments are fragile, easily buried in distraction, comfort, projection, and illusion that seemingly weave a story that is different but, at its core, is the same.

We need to go deeper.

There is a another moment that I have become well acquainted with and is certainly worthy of my full attention and yours. It lies just beneath the fleeting moments and its’ impact is anything but transient. It is the moment we try to bury with comfort, distraction, and illusion. It is the moment when all that is known disappears, including the writer….and there are no witnesses….until a Writer from a different realm appears. It is a moment that is unimaginably terrifying and deep as it fills all of time in an instant. It is a moment that is also eternity. It is both empty and pregnant with life. It is dark night and a dawning of a new day. It is pure paradox. Illusion is absent. Comfort is absent. Exit doors are absent. The Writer is Sophia. She is the container and mantle of Wisdom that lies within. She is beyond reason, beyond rationality. She is everything all at once. She is time, ceaseless cycles of becoming and ending, wholeness, nature as process. The story She reveals is emptied of illusion and dross, the shackles or curses that attach us to the unreal and fuel our addictions to satisfaction, comfort, perfection, self-sufficiency, power, and worldly passions. She is the feminine side of God, the Transcendent.

Anne with an E

A workshop is coming in November to teach women a framework for building the spiritual scaffolding necessary to engage uncertainty, mystery….life itself…and dance in the fire with Sophia, thus allowing Her to clear the dross, transform, and be your midwife.

Life can unknowingly become about addictive efforts to contain, control, regulate, perfect….and therefore end up weakening, frustrating, or altogether annihilating pathways to our True selves…. our awakening, our life force. Existential questions and crises are rampant and the architecture of our communities no longer support, carry, or contain us the way it has historically so that we recognize and go into initiations into rebirth, consciously and willingly.

This workshop is designed to introduce women to Sophia who goes by many names cross culturally, also known as the Divine Feminine. The teaching provides a method of inquiry designed to connect with our symbolic lives where we connect most intimately with Sophia and our spiritual needs, allowing the “lead” of our suffering, the crosses we bear, to become the gold of higher consciousness or the key to rebirth. Understanding patterns inside our psyche is like having a map for entering the unknown, entering the transformative fire. Changes in our outer lives and in our dreams become more evident. These patterns will be outlined, not as intellectual fodder for debate but as a spiritual and emotional meal nourishing healthier relationship with self, organized religion, and community. From there, the skills for discernment of what is unfolding meaningfully or regressing endlessly can be developed. Women will leave with a meditation practice to continue their explorations and deepen the teachings.

Pre-Enrollment Cost: $60

Author: DrRachel

Rachel Magnell, Ph.D. is studied in Counseling Psychology, Neuroscience, Jungian Depth Psychology, Hypnosis, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation.

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