Conscious Femininity And The Hero’s Journey


If love and life itself constitutes the totality (dark and light) of the divine feminine and consciousness itself constitutes the totality of divine masculinity, conscious femininity is the marriage of the two where the rapture of being alive is first conceived and creativity and wisdom is birthed, our capacity to own our responsibilities finds a container, and our choices become conscious, steadied, and brave.  The forces of prosperity and decline, honor and disgrace, praise and censure, and pleasure and suffering lose their quality of permanent struggle and annihilating strength along with their powers of identification, gratification, despair, and infatuation. Proclivities toward their infinite snares and pathways leading toward spiritual death or hardening heart are severed, rendering them obvious, painfully lifeless, boring, and trite.  Energy is made available to seek life-affirming change.

Our need to be seen, come into or awaken to “being” through consciousness, is the spiritual ground of seeking this divine marriage.  When the mirrors of achievement and accumulation seem to have apexed, failing to reward or abate an ache that only poets know how to relate, the call toward the spiritual bridal chamber is happening.  The orientation toward revealing and persuading yourself and society of your personal worth is gradually withdrawn and redirected toward the search within for your essence, for the only mirror that can reveal self-understanding, generative love, and equanimity.  Messages from society will sway and block attention from discipline of  inner work with convincing arguments built on your own unconscious doubts and fears, promoting greater dependencies on social networks  either through indifference, blatant disregard, or misidentification of the call as “sickness”, “bad”,  “wrong” or “less than”.  The “opposing call” is to return back to identifying with the ordinary features of your life, ordering myopic attitudes and blind obedience toward traditional social roles and expectations, and attaching to sensate pleasures or dictates for comfort.  Sweet escapes are offered and multiplied by the myriad addictions at our disposal (familiar habits, sex, food, intoxicants, affirmation, competition, power, glory, material wealth, social media, film binging, etc.), serving only to annihilate or sedate ego consciousness for unconscious forces to rampage through your house.

Joseph Campbell, in Hero With A Thousand Faces,  goes to the ancient roots of modern understanding of the unconscious, delivered in visions and dreams from the depths:  Myth.   He explicates the patterns in his Monomyth, laying out the stages of the hero’s journey to awakening, explaining myth as “spontaneous productions of the psyche, each bearing within it, undamaged, the germ power of its source” designed to guide  us through the labyrinth, provide the “skein of linen thread” to anyone with a  “curiously disinterested…hero-heart….that is gentle, kind”. He connects us to the arch of our own mythos through dream symbols and helps us discover “secret openings” to the mysteries that lie within.

Author: DrRachel

Rachel Magnell, Ph.D. is studied in Counseling Psychology, Neuroscience, Jungian Depth Psychology, Hypnosis, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation.

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