Golden Moment

“There is some pure desire in us to know what is original, to take leave of all the expected scripted perceptions that manipulate our experience. We long for an experience that is unfiltered, where the unknown could reach toward us without being filtered by us. For this reason the artistic life is vulnerable; it is often a chaotic and overwhelming place to attend. Yet when something true begins to emerge, it becomes the golden moment that redeems months (or years) of splintered time.”

  • John o’Donahue

News of a dear teacher, spiritual father, and friend passing….arrived late last night with shock tremors and quakes of grief. He delivered so many “golden moments” that “redeemed splintered time”, as John O’Donahue writes above. As my heart tears in loss with expansive longing for his loving and assuring presence, I wait patiently, painstakingly, with gratitude for the new unknown etching on my heart to complete itself, through the “chaos and overwhelm”, on his time, with the fullness of all time, where he rests eternal…actively, passionately, joyfully. lovingly. May I continuously open to the unending golden moment that arrives through sorrows gate, Mary’s immaculate heart, as I dialogue with his blessed memory.